Discover Film & Digital Love Stories: Your Paris Couple Photography Across the City's Charms


Imagine a stroll down the Seine River, with the majestic Eiffel Tower ascending above you and the storied walls of the Louvre holding centuries of artistry—a perfect canvas for lovers. As a Paris couple photographer, I craft sessions that capture not just images, but the essence of your relationship, with the choice of the soft grain of film or the vivid, lifelike allure of digital photography.

Picture yourselves in an intimate embrace beneath the iron latticework of the Eiffel Tower, strolling hand in hand along the riverbanks, or stealing a kiss amidst the classical architecture of Montmartre. I will be there to guide you, ensuring that you feel comfortably, allowing your natural chemistry to unfold beautifully and authentically.

In the city of love, every glance and tender touch is a cherished verse in your unique love poem. Under my guidance, you'll find yourselves at ease, free to live out your romantic narrative. 

From the serene mornings in the Latin Quarter, with the city's awakening hues painting a backdrop for your love, to the enchanting twilight in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, where the day's last light dances across the Seine, each moment is a canvas for a timeless capture. where the day's last light dances across the Seine, each moment is an opportunity for a timeless capture.

Allow me to steer you through this enchanting experience, where the heart of Paris beats in sync with yours, and each snapshot becomes an heirloom. This is more than a photoshoot; it's a celebration of your journey together, set against the city's most iconic backdrops, ready to be lived and relived, through photos steeped in love and Parisian charm.

A chic Parisian rendezvous, captured on film with a retro '90s twist. This couple's shoot wasn't just photos—it was a time machine back to the age of cool. Vintage vibes, timeless love, and the Parisian spirit, all wrapped up in one stylish gallery. They came for memories; they left with art.

Paris Love Story: Dreamy Film Shoot

In the serene embrace of Luxembourg Garden, a couple's love story unfolded like a cinematic daydream. She, with a heart for the grain and soul of film photography, found her perfect scene amidst the lush greenery and tranquil fountains. He, simply happy in her presence, basked in the joy of their togetherness, as naturally as the scenes fell into place. Their shoot was a ballet of soft glances and tender moments, each frame a whisper of old-school romance. This gallery is not just a collection of images; it's a film reel of romance, a dreamy Parisian tale captured one frame at a time, where every photograph is a testament to their shared contentment.

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Embarking on their first journey as a couple, they chose to immortalize this milestone through a photoshoot that perfectly encapsulates their excitement and affection for each other. Set against diverse backdrops that range from the serene to the vibrant, each photograph in this gallery tells a story of discovery—both of new places and deeper connections.

Paris for Two

Discover the allure of "Paris for Two," an intimate gallery featuring the romantic escapades of a couple in the City of Love. Personally chosen by a Shanghai film director and his partner for my unique photography style, each image narrates their love story against the enchanting backdrop of Paris. Immerse yourself in the visual poetry of this gallery as we unveil the captivating moments of a couple's journey through the lens of their dedicated photographer.

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After exchanging vows in the bustling heart of New York, a vibrant couple embarked on a post-wedding adventure to Paris, eager to capture the essence of their new beginning in the city renowned for romance. Their vision was clear: a photoshoot that would blend the timeless elegance of Paris with the dynamic energy they brought from the streets of New York.

It's an incredible honor when another photographer places their trust in you for such a personal milestone. Capturing the third anniversary of a fellow photographer in Paris presented a unique opportunity, especially with the stunning settings of Petit Palais and the Alexandre III bridge as our backdrop.

Veering away from the well-trodden paths to embrace these captivating settings, we created a gallery that's a testament to love's enduring spark and the art of photography.

We laughed, we clicked, and we immortalized their love story amidst Parisian elegance, all through the vintage charm of film. 

A newlywed couple with a distinctly original vibe chose Paris for their honeymoon, eager to infuse their unique preferences into a photo session that would highlight their one-of-a-kind relationship. From the shadow of the Eiffel Tower to the artistic alleys of Montmartre, we captured their love story against Paris's iconic backdrops, each frame reflecting their unconventional spirit. As their honeymoon photographer, it was a thrill to channel their extraordinary essence into images that celebrate not just their honeymoon, but the very uniqueness that defines them, crafting memories as original and vibrant as their love.

Elopement in Paris

Explore a captivating elopement photography gallery set in the unconventional backdrop of a Parisian museum. This unique setting blends art, history, and romance, offering a distinct angle on elopement photosessions in the City of Love. Each image, meticulously captured by me, their skilled couple photographer, tells a part of the couple's love story, celebrating their special moments among timeless works of art. This gallery showcases how love, like art, finds its expression in the most unexpected places. It invites viewers to envision their own extraordinary love story through an elopement photosession amidst the enchanting halls of Paris's most beautiful museums. Unlike other galleries in this section, this photo shoot was done on a digital camera.

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