Classy and Romantic Fine Art Film Couple Photography in Paris

Discover the elegance of Fine Art Film Photography for couples in Paris, where each photo session transcends the ordinary, capturing the essence of romance with class. Paris, a city renowned for its beauty and romantic ambiance, serves as the perfect canvas for couples seeking to immortalize their love story.


Photography, for me, is not merely about taking pictures; it's about weaving a narrative, crafting a visual poetry that resonates deeply. By choosing not-so-obvious Parisian locations, I ensure that each couple's story is told in a unique and intimate setting, away from the clichéd spots, yet still deeply infused with the city's enchanting charm. This approach allows for more personal and meaningful expressions of love, set against the picturesque and lesser-known nooks of Paris.


Captured on timeless black and white film, couple photo sessions offer a classy and elegant portrayal of your relationship. The choice of black and white film adds a layer of depth and emotion to the images, highlighting the genuine connections and tender moments shared between couples. The absence of color brings a focus to the subjects, their expressions, and the surrounding architectural and natural beauty, making each photograph a work of art.


The textures, the grain, and the light play in film photography bring a vintage charm and a sense of nostalgia, ensuring that your photos are not just memories, but treasures that will be cherished for generations.

Book your romantic and classy couple photo session in Paris with me. Let us capture your love story through the lens of Film Photography, creating timeless images that you will look back on and treasure forever.