Outdoor portrait photoshoot with a hint of fashion in Crozon, Brittany region

Improvised Auto-Portraits with Beautiful Scenery Background

Following our sudden move to Brittany for the quarantine period, which I described in my previous post, we found ourselves in Crozon with 2 suitcases of stuff altogether.

I literally packed mine the very last minute, and was convinced that we are only leaving for 2 weeks. I even decided to try something called minimal life for this period, so I purposefully limited myself with the number of things that I took. Later on I regreted not including a sunscreen into my new minimalistic life, but that's another story.

Luckily I packed 2 practical and simple everyday dresses with me, one of which by pure chance makes a reference to one of Breton traditional costumes, at least in my mind. You can check out our another outdoor shooting featuring it here.

And today I am going present you how we made use of the second dress, being inspired by splendid landscapes opening from La Pointe du Menhir, and having me as a model.

This experience proved to me that the scenery of Brittany region gives absolutely fantastic opportunities for photographers, whether the task is a wedding, fashion or a couple photoshoot. 

Hopefully I will have more occasions to create something beautiful here for my clients in future!