Camaret-sur-Mer - photos of the village on a foggy day

Lost in a Fog - visiting Camaret-sur-Mer

To Camaret-sur-Mer we went under the cover of buying some fish in their local fish store (short backstory - we were quarantined in Brittany region during the coronavirus epidemic for 1,5 months). This commune of 2,500 habitants was within 10 minutes driving from our place of stay - Crozon, hence any unauthourized visits there for us were prohibited.

But once more our desire to explore exceeded the fear of getting a fine, and one foggy Sunday we found ourselves heading to this former fishermen's village. The fish shop was of course closed, but "la boulangerie" - a French bakery - was open. We've got the last piece of Breton apple cake paired with a couple of croissants and started cautiously wondering around.

I constantly had a feeling of living a very special moment. I believe, Camaret-sur-Mer is already a very calm location, especially off-season, and especially compared to Parisian life. But in the quietness of quarantine period, with almost no one outside, shrouded in fog, the place was as in a deep enchanted sleep. Add to this mix of perceptions a realisation that you are in the very far west of the Crozon Peninsula, surrounded by the ocean, and you've got a feeling of being in some gloomy fairy tale, which takes place in the end of the world.

I took advantage of this serene moment to take several shots of a lonely lighthouse and the old corroded ships abandoned in the harbour.

Scroll down to see my photos of them and those of foggy Camaret-sur-Mer.