Сrozon-Morgat in Brittany region, France

Quarantined in Brittany

When quarantine measures were introduced by the French government, I had a quite a sad perspective in front of me - being blocked in our Parisian apartment with my husband, who was speaking actively on the phone each day when working at home, and surrounded by at least 2 remarkably poorly singing neighbours, one of which (living above) regularly practicing opera singing and accordion playing, and the second one (living one floor down) being more fond of 2000's hits and having a certain attachment to the Titanic song, to the point where she just needs to sing it at least once per day.


Since we live in quite a posh neighbourhood of Paris (don't ask me how that happened), we observed many Parisians living in the area closing the shutters of their fabulous apartments and leaving somewhere south to their "maison de la campagne" - or simply holiday cottages. That's when I fully understood to what extent your environment influences you - I've got a sudden burning urge to go somewhere more spacious than out flat and closer to nature, where we would still be able to walk freely.


That's when our huge husstle finding a place to go and a getting a rented car whilst liberty of movement got restricted started. But that's another long story.


We were extremely lucky to end up in Crozon bordering Morgat - two communes of Brittany region, that is in the west of France. We picked these places just because we found a very stylish and at the same time reasonably priced house to rent. For us it didn't really matter where to shelter ourselves. Spacious house falling in our budget, whose owner doesn't mind to rent during the COVID epidemy, with a reliable internet connection there were a must, and we were ready to drive 600 km to a place like that. Which we did eventually :)


All I've heard about Brittany before is that it's notorious for its windy and rainy weather. But what I discovered instead is a real treasure of France! 


Crozon is located on the Crozon peninsula on the west coast of Finistère. It is bordered by the communes of Camaret-sur-Mer to the west, Roscanvel to the northwest, Lanvéoc to the north, Landévennec to the north-east and Telgruc-sur-Mer to the east. The Crozon peninsula as a whole offers you truly incredible scenery and landscapes.

The beauty of nature here moved so much that I was able to finally start my blog on exploring France and being a photographer here, which I was thinking about for some time now. 


So I am opening a series of posts dedicated to the hidden gems of Crozon peninsula and Brittany region. But I am starting modestly today with photos of Morgat, since the first weeks of our stay our walks were restricted to 1 km radius from the place of stay due to the quarantine measures. And I want to share with you exactly the same experience of discovering curiosities on the empty and sleeping streets of this town in small portions, just as I did. 


Welcome on this journey around Brittany with me!