Lifestyle Fashion Photoshoot in Paris for Australian Men's Streetwear Brand

I recently had the exciting opportunity to shoot a lifestyle fashion photoshoot in Paris to support the launch of the Australian streetwear brand, Shway. Shway is known for producing comfortable, sporty outfits that include assorted t-shirts, shorts, and hoodies, available in five different colors. The aim of this photoshoot was to capture each product variant in a unique street-style setting with a male model, showcasing the versatility and everyday appeal of Shway's collections.


Paris, with its vibrant urban landscapes and iconic backdrops, provided the perfect canvas for this project. From the stunning Pont Alexandre III to the chic 16th arrondissement with views of the Eiffel Tower, each location was carefully chosen to highlight how Shway's sporty outfits fit seamlessly into diverse lifestyle situations. Whether it's a casual stroll along the Seine, an energetic jogging session, or a relaxed break afterward on the lawn, our goal was to illustrate the practical yet stylish nature of Shway’s apparel.


The shoot not only emphasized the brand's focus on comfort and design but also brought out the essence of modern streetwear. By placing the model in various everyday scenarios, we aimed to inspire customers to see Shway's outfits as their go-to choice for any casual occasion. This photoshoot perfectly captured the spirit of Shway: dynamic, stylish, and effortlessly cool.