Parisian Family Photography: Capturing the Magic of Anticipation for a New Baby

In the picturesque Canal Saint-Martin area of Paris, I had the honour of being the family photographer for Ethan, his pregnant wife, and their lively baby daughter. Paris held profound significance for Ethan, as it was a city he once called home. After navigating the challenges of the pandemic, their trip together back to Paris became a poignant chapter in the family's story.


As their dedicated family photographer in Paris, I captured the genuine joy that resonated through the historic streets. The laughter of their toddler echoed against the backdrop of charming facades, creating a symphony of happiness.

Every day in this period held the promise of a new beginning, and the air was charged with the excitement of meeting the newest member of the family.

Each photograph became a testament of this very special moment and the rediscovery of a city that had played a crucial role in their lives.


The Canal Saint-Martin area, with its iconic bridges and reflective waters, unfolded as an enchanting canvas for this family's story. In the ethereal play of light along the canal, I sought to freeze not just moments but the emotion and connection that defined their unique journey. For Ethan, his pregnant wife, and their little one, this photoshoot in Paris was a celebration of resilience, love, and the magic of togetherness.