Engagement Photography in Paris on Film by Day and by Night

In the heart of Paris, Natasha and Luthan, lovers of vintage film aesthetics, chose me to frame their engagement story.

The magic unfolded in two acts—first, a morning stroll capturing the city bathed in gentle light, and later, an evening dance amidst illuminated streets.


In the soft morning light, we strolled along the Seine, capturing the city's iconic landmarks such as the Bridge Alexandre III bathed in a mild glow.

Natasha's leather coat and Luthan's dapper suit echoed the elegance of Paris as the film camera preserved each moment in a palette of soft hues.


As the sun dipped below the horizon, our second chapter unfolded. The evening session, a play with the city lights, saw Luthan and Natasha embraced against the backdrop of dazzling streets. The film's grain added a poetic touch, making each frame a timeless masterpiece.


Film transformed each moment into a visual poem. Natasha and Luthan's engagement photos now stand as a captivating ode to their romance.