Film Engagement Photos of Maria and Juan on the Bridge Alexandre III

One beautiful morning, Maria and Juan, a Canadian couple with Hispanic heritage, were getting ready for their engagement shoot in Paris. They wanted something truly special, so they selected me as their photographer and opted for a film session. As the morning of the shoot arrived, Maria was buzzing with excitement. She carefully picked out her outfit and jewelry, getting ready like it was the most special day of her life – which, in a way, it was.


Juan, being the attentive partner he is, ensured Maria's coffee was just to her liking. He had this look of adoration as he watched her prepare, like she was the most precious thing in the world. Together, they were like a well-rehearsed dance, each step perfectly in sync.

When we finally got to the Alexandre III bridge in Paris, the energy was electric. We began the shoot at a spot offering a subtle view of the distant Eiffel Tower, and let me tell you, they were naturals in front of the camera. They laughed, they kissed, they whispered sweet nothings to each other – it was like they were the only two people in the world.

The shoot went on, we moved to several different spots around the majestic bridge. Juan and Maria were in their element. They didn't just pose for the camera; they lived every moment, soaking in the romance of Paris like it was their own personal fairytale.


As we bid farewell and they disappeared into the body Parisian day, I felt grateful to have played a role in their love story, even if only for a morning. And as for Maria and Juan? Well, they had Paris, they had each other, and now they have their memories captured to treasure for a lifetime.