Night Photoshoot in Paris: A Sparkling Adventure with David and Christina

Ah, Paris by night—a canvas painted with shimmering lights, romance in the air, and dreams waiting to be captured through the lens.

Night photoshoots in Paris have skyrocketed in popularity, landing firmly in the top 5 requests I receive. And let me tell you, there’s something utterly magical about capturing the City of Lights under the moonlit sky.  

So, when David and Christina reached out for an after-hours anniversary photoshoot with Parisian sparks, I knew we were in for a magical ride.

The Parisian Night Magic

As the sun dipped below the horizon and Paris began to illuminate, I met David and Christina at their hotel, right before the 9 pm sparkle of the Eiffel Tower. Early April in Paris meant the sun was setting just before this time, casting a warm glow over the city. We wasted no time and dove straight into capturing emotional and vibrant photos on the terrace of their Airbnb, which boasted a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower. It was the perfect prelude to what was to come.


A Dreamy Kiss by the Seine

With spirits high and excitement building, we embarked on a short 10-minute walk to the Eiffel Tower surroundings. David and Christina had a vision: a photo of them sharing a kiss by the Seine River with the tower aglow in the background. And let me tell you, we nailed it. The tower sparkled like a thousand diamonds, creating a scene straight out of a fairy tale.

A Stop at the Bir-Hakeim Bridge

En route to our next destination, we made a delightful stop at the Bir-Hakeim Bridge. Underneath its majestic arches, we captured David and Christina amidst the city's glittering lights, adding yet another layer of enchantment to their night in Paris.

Racing Against Time at the Louvre

Next on our whirlwind tour of Paris by night was the Louvre. With its lights scheduled to shut down at 11 pm, we were on a very tight schedule. As the clock ticked closer to closing time, we navigated the grand halls and majestic corridors, capturing the timeless beauty of this iconic museum. Despite the Louvre guards starting to usher everyone out around 10:40 pm, we managed to snag some stunning shots that perfectly encapsulated the romance and allure of Paris at night.

A Grand Finale at the Bridge Alexandre III

As the night drew to a close, we hailed an Uber and made our way to the majestic Bridge Alexandre III. Here, under the twinkling lights of the city, we concluded our photoshoot with a flourish, capturing David and Christina’s love in all its glory. It was the perfect end to a magical evening, and seeing their dream come to life before my lens was truly a joy.

A Night to Remember

Experience Paris by Night

If you’re ready to experience the enchantment of Paris by night, look no further. Check out my page on photoshoots in Paris by Night for more information on how to book your own sparkling adventure through the streets of this iconic city. Whether you’re dreaming of a kiss by the Seine or a moonlit stroll through the Louvre, let’s make it happen together. Paris awaits, and the night is yours to capture.


If you’re ready to dance under the stars and capture the essence of Paris after hours, join me for an adventure through the city's most iconic landmarks. Check out my page on Paris by Night and let's create memories as enchanting as the City of Lights itself. Whether it's a kiss by the Seine or a moonlit stroll through the Louvre, let’s make magic together in the heart of Paris. After all, the night is young, and Paris is waiting to be explored.