Marvelous Cappadocia - Horse Riding and the Pink Valley

After spending a whole day in Göreme - the most well-known village of Cappadocia - we went to a less popularised, but definitely not less impressive settlement of Uçhisar. Göreme is arguably THE village to stay in with the best infrastructure in all of Cappadocia, offering to its visitors a wider selection of restaurants, souvenir shops and similar travellers' essentials , but I honestly preferred Uçhisar much more, and I wouldn't necessarily recommend Göreme as a place to stay - it's simply too touristy for me. I think that during the normal circumstances (just a quick reminder here that we were travelling during the pandemic times) Göreme would be way too crowded, whereas Uçhisar is a more peaceful and restful place for your vacations. The distance between the 2 villages is about 4 km, and it's quite affordable to take a taxi to Göreme anytime when you're missing crowds.


In Uçhisar you can choose to stay in one of its numerous boutique hotels with the nicest service you may have ever encountered and enjoy the breathtaking views opening up from the terraces. The village is built around a 60-metre-high castle-mountain, which you can basically see from any point.


These last 2 images are panoramic sunset views from a rooftop of our hotel, which I couldn't recommend more - Hermes Cave Hotel. I know, the name sounds cheesy, but it's a part of Turkish style, I guess ;)

The culmination of our visit of this curious and otherwordly place was a horse riding tour. We did it with @cappadociahorsetour at an affordable price in a cozy group of 4 people together with a guide. On our way we crossed another tour of probably more than 10 people, and I remember thinking how lucky we were to find these less known guys - it didn't seem like fun to be a part of a big impresonal tour.

And here is the Pink Valley highlighted by the colours of the setting sun.