Boudoir Photoshoot in a Parisian Interior

Treat Yourself with a Boudoir Photo Session in Paris 

So you're travelling to Paris - solo or with your partner. And surely you're looking for special things to do - special yet very much typically Parisian at the same time. You want to become Parisian these couple of days yourself and feel what's it's like. Then there is something I would like to propose you to experience!
What about a photo session, but boudoir style? It's an elegant and classy way to explore new sides of yourself, fall in love with your own body through the art of photography, see yourself in a different light...

You'll get to experience the most intimate Parisian-girl moments, such as sipping a morning coffee in a chic interior, and enjoying the view from your window on the most gorgeous city humans ever constructed. I will be capturing those moments for you, so that you take home beautiful and sensual photos of yourself.
After your trip you can show them to the whole world on your social media, share them with someone really special, or keep them just to yourself so that it stays your little Parisian secret...


You don’t need much: a white shirt, some lingerie, a pair of your favourite heels, and an open attitude.
Great idea you say, but what if your airbnb or hotel room looks nothing like you'd dream it be? What if it's in a different style, not photogenic, and it barely has enough place to fit into your luggage? No worries, I have you covered in this case - contact me in advance regarding a boudoir or indoors photo session in Paris, and I will arrange the same setup for you as the one you see on the photos below in the exact same apartment filled with perfect natural light with no additional cost for you.
For couples, it's a way to get candid and natural photos of themselves.