Chic and fun photo session for best friends in Paris

Doing a photoshoot with your best friend in Paris is like hiring your own personal paparazzi to capture your squad goals.

You'll have professional photographs of the two of you laughing, posing, and exploring the city together. These photographs will be a tangible reminder of the memories and bond you share with your best friend and will be something you'll treasure forever. Plus, they'll make for some pretty epic Christmas or birthday gifts. 

Think about it, while a selfie with your best friend in front of the Louvre is cute and all, it's not quite the same as having a professional photographer capturing the fun and connection between the two of you for the years to come.

Plus, it's a great way to make your best friend feel like a star, and will make for some pretty impressive experience together.


Here is what Staci says about her BFF photoshoot experience with me:


"Anna was very comfortable for my friend and I to work with. She was kind, knowledgeable, and gave us freedom to choose pictures we would like to take while suggesting what she thought would make us look best! We received our edited pictures on a link less than 12 hours later, which was amazing, and loved all of them so much. Anna helped us to capture beautiful memories and was supplemental to making the experience a fun time. I will recommend this experience to everyone I personally know coming to Paris!"