Nostalgia in 35mm: Sofia, captured by a Parisian Portrait Photographer, Embraces Vintage Editorial Style

Meet Sofia, my cherished regular client, and a fashion enthusiast who spent her childhood through the 80s to 90s diving into countless fashion magazines, dreaming of one day embodying the elegance and strength of the women within their glossy pages. Leafing through those retro editorials and captivating shiny advertisements was her idea of a perfect pastime – her daydream time, if you will. From flipping through Burda to devouring Vogue, her love for fashion was a whirlwind romance that fueled her desire to become just like the women she admired. 


Fast forward to today, and Sofia's childhood dream has become a reality, thanks to our analog photoshoot in the heart of Paris. Inspired by the vintage editorial style she adored, Sofia opted for film photography portrait session to capture the essence of her childhood icons and inspirations.


From the opulent halls of the Ritz hotel to exclusive cafes overlooking the Louvre, each location served as a stage for Sofia to shine. With every click of the shutter, we documented moments of pure elegance and strength, transforming Sofia's vision into stunning reality.

And let's not forget our visit to the iconic Place Vendôme, a symbol of Parisian luxury and fashion. Surrounded by haute couture boutiques and historic architecture, Sofia felt like a queen, enjoying posing for the camera.


Through our analog photo session, Sofia not only obtained timeless stylish images but also fulfilled a lifelong dream.

It allowed her to feel proud of the woman she's become in her 40s, embodying the grace and sophistication she once admired in those fashion magazines.


Here's to Sofia, the woman who dared to dream and brought her aspirations to life – one frame at a time!